Frequently Asked Questions - Care Centres is a new online childcare booking and swapping system that can help make your childcare centre more efficient, improve customer satisfaction and increase your revenue. will allow parents that already attend your centre to:
  • Book spots at your childcare centre 24/7 (if a place is available); and
  • Anonymously notify other parents registered at your centre if their child is going to be absent on a particular day. This gives another parent the opportunity to take that newly created vacancy for their child.

No. You have complete control over who can book and swap places at your childcare centre with Only parents who are registered with your centre and who you approve are able to use the service.

As part of setting up your account, you will have to nominate a “Reward”. The reward represents the incentive you are offering to parents to encourage them to offer their place to other parents when their child won’t be attending. If another parent takes the newly created vacancy, you will reward the first parent with whatever you nominated as your Reward.

A Reward can be anything you wish it to be such as a partial refund of fees, gift vouchers etc. We suggest you nominate a reasonable Reward to encourage parents to use the service. The result will be increased occupancy rate at your childcare centre. This will lead to increased revenue, even after paying the Reward.

No. On the contrary, can help increase your revenue. A Reward is only paid out by you when a place offered by a parent (whose child can’t attend) is taken up by another parent. The incoming parent will pay your usual daily childcare fee. comes with a 30 day free trial. No sign-up fees, no regular fees. After the free trial you will only be charged a small transaction fee if there is a successful booking. If you have no extra bookings you will not be charged a single cent.

Yes. lets you set up your account so that it reflects how your childcare centre is arranged. If your childcare centre is arranged into different rooms, can make sure parents can only book places in the room their child is currently allocated to.

Yes. Setting up a account takes minutes.

No. is completely free to set up and no credit card or bank details are required.

Once you have set up a childcare account, all you need to do is let all the parents that attend your childcare know. We recommend you send them an email asking them to set up a Parent account and select your childcare centre as the one they attend. It is extremely simple for a parent to set up an account and takes less than 5 minutes.

You will receive an email when a parent requests to join your childcare centre. When you receive that email, you need to go to the Enrolments section of your account, verify the enrolment days and allocate the child to the correct room. Once you have confirmed the enrollment, the parents of that child will now be able to book and offer their spots at your centre.

Yes. There are no ongoing commitments and you can cancel your account whenever you like.

You can always contact the team on We are always happy to help in any way we can.